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A recent study conducted by Emory University stated that nurses who left their positions cited the following reasons for their resignation...

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Our Mission

The mission of We Care About Nurses is to apply over 40 years of experience in nursing and public health to promote nurse retention for future generations. In addition, provide coaching, mentorship, support, and access to resources in a time of crisis.

About Me

Since graduating as a Registered Nurse in 1980, I have worked in numerous teaching hospitals and underserved communities across the United States. My experience includes Psychiatry, Neonatal Intensive Care, Obstetrics, Labor, and Delivery, mental health nursing, and public health. My nursing philosophy is to treat the whole person. The most fulfilling part of my career enabled me the opportunity to serve as an adjunct professor and mentor to nursing students.

Burnout is one of the leading cause of nurse resignation

My Core Belief

Nurses are an elite group of frontline workers who provide compassionate care to their patients and families. Unless nurses get the help they need to self-care, they will not be able to sustain the health care demands placed on them. In order to maintain longevity in the nursing profession, I believe that nurses should:
This is important if they plan to perform at their best for longevity in the nursing profession.
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